Luxurious Textiles + Affordable womens wear

Today I went and did my normal textile ordering while in search for new and even more luxurious fabrics. Throughout this year I've gained such a greater love for fabrics, from the style, look and feel. I've been asking myself can I bring the textiles to another level of luxury while keeping the clothing price conscious? If there's a will I will hope to find way and I am so excited to bring another level of sophistication of textiles to lamixx. I have an even greater appreciation for luxurious well made fabrics and cannot wait to share them with you. As I design for the upcoming collections I will be sure to bring a new element to make the blend of luxurious fabrics, minimal refined style along with keeping the core of affordable women's wear.

Thank you for the continued support!

Love, Jacque

Shop lamixx at lulus

Shop lamixx at lulus

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