Weekend Getaway: what to wear for a mini trip

Lamixx was featured today on Moxsie's weekend getaway along with Incase, 8020 and Keep footwear.

I love weekend getaways. Since I live in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area my weekend getaways are usually the calm and beautiful San Diego, the city that never sleeps Las Vegas, or the laid back Santa Barbara and oh ya if I can add another day to the getaway you know I will be in San Francisco.

When packing for the weekend getaway I like to keep the luggage light. The reason? Because the weekend goes fast and I want to make sure I am enjoying each moment, instead of getting pre-occupied with what I will wear. My tip is to bring your key stylish pieces, and make it work for you all weekend and oh ya bring a good attitude and you are sure to have an amazing weekend!!

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