Fashion & style: what men want women to wear

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To answer the age old question.. What do men want women to wear? Or what would make a man look twice. I did some research just for my blogger community.. I even did some asking around to men collages, friends and acquaintances. No scientific research but just honest conversation.

Here's a few answers and the collective:

"White tee shirt & Jeans" -age 29

"Dresses are good" - age 22

"Simple clothing, means not high maintenance" - age 25

"Clothes that does not show everything, leave it to the imagination" - 34

"I usually look more at the face" - age 29

"Yes, the new
legging thing is great" -age 26

According to a great article in the telegraph "clothing that accentuates the female shape, lines which complement the contours of a woman's frame"

As a girl who enjoys fashion, style and clothing, I know we don't dress for the man. But we dress for ourselves and to show our personal style. Hope this was just a fun little blog post to give you some insight into some men. But hey for my single girlfriends.. it might not hurt to take some tips jk... At the end of the day.. be yourself and let your inner beauty shine through.



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