What inspires me; Lifestyle

I rarely post on homes and decor, but it's one thing this year that I have found myself really enjoying doing personally and searching for... Dreaming of white space because it's the blank slate that can let your mind take you places you have never been. Leave room for joy, relationships, and true beauty. Enjoy the photos via Solid Frog



A smooth transition from winter to spring: NY stylist wearing lamixx maxi skirt



Lamixx maxi skirt spotted on Anna Tran, NY stylist & journalist. Love the way she contrasted the colorful vintage jacket with the Lamixx maxi skirt. Slouchy enough to be around the house attire, but cute enough to wear at New York's local hot spots.

Images via Hautecommodity
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On the web: Inspirations from around the world

A few of my fav photos from Hanneli, Jak & Jil, satoralist, shoeblog. Enjoy and have a great week!


Ledouble-ve: Spotted wearing lamixx clothing

Spotted in the Lamixx "The Cut" long sleeve top
You're Staring at the Sun: http://t.co/JpG9xUm


Street style; because you inspire me

Street style from Milan to New York..

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Beanie + suite apparal, adore the mix and match
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Bag + Sunglasses + shoes, her effortless accessorizing is a winning combo
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Not sure where she's going but it's just to cute!
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Images via elle streetfashion


Japan earthquake relief: how to help Japan

Japan Earthquake Relief lady GaGa Lady GaGa has designed a pray for Japan bracelets proceeds go to relief efforts in Japan.

Save the Children’s “Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund” www.savethechildren.org/japanquake or by calling 1-800-728-3843. Or Text “JAPAN" to 20222 to donate $10 to Save the Children for Japan earthquake relief (U.S. Only, standard message rates apply).

Visit Redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.

World Vision has also announced global mobilization in response to tsunami warnings. To help, consider making a donation to their World Vision's Disaster Response Fund. To text your donation to World Vision, text "4JAPAN" or "4TSUNAMI" to 20222 to donate $10

Shop Moxsie and choose American Red Cross- http://www.redcross.org/ at checkout. Moxsie will donate a portion of our proceeds from each purchase, at no cost to the purchaser

Please check each site directly as these are collected through internet sources before donating or choosing to support. Thank you

All our prayers and thoughts are with Japan.


Fashion & style: what men want women to wear

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via weheartit

To answer the age old question.. What do men want women to wear? Or what would make a man look twice. I did some research just for my blogger community.. I even did some asking around to men collages, friends and acquaintances. No scientific research but just honest conversation.

Here's a few answers and the collective:

"White tee shirt & Jeans" -age 29

"Dresses are good" - age 22

"Simple clothing, means not high maintenance" - age 25

"Clothes that does not show everything, leave it to the imagination" - 34

"I usually look more at the face" - age 29

"Yes, the new
legging thing is great" -age 26

According to a great article in the telegraph "clothing that accentuates the female shape, lines which complement the contours of a woman's frame"

As a girl who enjoys fashion, style and clothing, I know we don't dress for the man. But we dress for ourselves and to show our personal style. Hope this was just a fun little blog post to give you some insight into some men. But hey for my single girlfriends.. it might not hurt to take some tips jk... At the end of the day.. be yourself and let your inner beauty shine through.


Street style fashion: what to wear on your day off

These photos of street style are amazing and I just had to share them... Enjoy..

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I am not sure what I like better the faux fur, or the red lipstick.. so cute.
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I love off the shoulder + stripes and she doesn't look like she gave it a 2nd thought
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VS model not in underwear.. amazing.
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simply the girl next door..
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purple + maxi + boots = yes yes yes.

Image source STREETFSN, Models off duty


Weekend Getaway: what to wear for a mini trip

Lamixx was featured today on Moxsie's weekend getaway along with Incase, 8020 and Keep footwear.

I love weekend getaways. Since I live in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area my weekend getaways are usually the calm and beautiful San Diego, the city that never sleeps Las Vegas, or the laid back Santa Barbara and oh ya if I can add another day to the getaway you know I will be in San Francisco.

When packing for the weekend getaway I like to keep the luggage light. The reason? Because the weekend goes fast and I want to make sure I am enjoying each moment, instead of getting pre-occupied with what I will wear. My tip is to bring your key stylish pieces, and make it work for you all weekend and oh ya bring a good attitude and you are sure to have an amazing weekend!!

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