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6 Really Good Reasons to Shop Independent Businesses

Buy Small, Get Big: 6 Reasons You Should Support Independent Business Owners

At Noblivity, the goal is to support small brands, up-and-coming designers, and independently owned businesses. Independent and small business owners employ over 90% of workers in the US (US Small Business Advocate), and given the current economic climate, that is a statistic worth supporting. Here are six more reasons why we all should be supporting the little guy.

- It creates our own economic stimulus plan. Supporting independent businesses will ensure that your dollars stay in our economy, and don’t go overseas for wages for factory workers or to bonuses for international corporations. Additionally, independently owned businesses employ workers outside their field – construction to build stores, laborers to make the goods, which has a ripple effect across the nation. Supporting a local designer has the added benefit of returning your money to the local economy, possibly providing a job for your neighbor or friend.

- It’s greener. Independent and local businesses don’t need to ship their goods halfway across the world to get them to you. They don’t need to use environmentally unfriendly transportation – chances are they might be around the corner from you. Consumer culture gets a bad rap a lot of the time. If you like to shop, sometimes you can be made to feel like you are personally wasting our natural resources. Supporting independent shops has the opposite effect. Small businesses tend to use local, renewable resources, which helps all of us live more in sync with our environment.

- Support American ingenuity. The American dream of “you can be anything you want to be” can seem out of reach for corporate drones working for a boss they never see. Independent businesses support the spirit and creativity that made our country great. When someone loves their job, the quality of work shines through. Purchasing a lovingly made, high quality item means you won’t be replacing it next year when the strap has broken off or the material is shredding – which leads back to our previous point about living greener. On top of that, if you support local businesses, you’ll never have to worry about having the same purse, or dress, or shoes as someone else, everything you own will be unique!

- Diversity is the spice of life. Ever notice that the “big box” stores always seem to cater to the lowest common denominator? If you’d like a specialty item, good luck finding it in a chain store. Independent businesses understand the needs of their target customers and aren’t concerned with pandering to all consumers as a whole. Independent businesses can also be more free to voice dissenting opinions than a large corporation. Diversity of opinions brings about more acceptance and tolerance – who would suspect that shopping can bring about social change?

- Monopolies are illegal for a reason. When one company controls the production and sale of products from make-up to car parts, they can also control what they charge. But when there is competition, there are also competitive prices. That makes independent businesses the backbone of capitalism. And just as in nature diversity means there is a species for each niche, businesses can start to find their own niches – which means better products for everyone.

- Invest in future generations. So many wealthy families earned their money because a parent or grandparent owned their own business, worked grueling hours, and fought to become a mainstay in the American economy. If independently owned businesses go the way of the dodo and tasmanian wolf, who will become the leaders and investors for our children and grandchildren? International corporations say that they create jobs, but they also create a vicious cycle of the working poor who can never afford to educate their children.

Jillian Gile is a guest blogger for Pounding the Pavement and a writer on the subject of technical schools for the Guide to Career Education.


Fashion blogger spotted in lamixx: She's a cup of blonde and a bunch of cute..

Lamixx maxi dress seen today on A Cup of Blonde. Looking cute as always Ally is spotted in the lamixx maxi dress. Here's a little of what she said about the dress "It's a flowy relaxed fit, and so versatile, I feel like I can wear it all year round."

Thank you to A Cup of Blonde for looking stylish and effortlessly chic in the lamixx dress.


Accessorize your style: Jewelry an added key piece

Photos: Studded Hearts

If your like me simplicity is key, but when you want to put together an outfit that stands out or adds some life. Accessories your style, adding rings, bracelets and necklaces can take an outfit from minimal to chic.

There's no limitations except the ones you put on yourself.. dare to express your self.


A look into my favorite boutique in Texas..

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In the heart of Texas you will find Dog and Pony. A boutique unlike any other. The owner Star has turned her vision and heart for her boutique to life bringing a comfortable and adorable fashion forward boutique that will be sure to make your heart melt... it did mine. Be sure to drop by and shop the full lamixx 2011 Adore at Sunrise Collection

Here's a look into Dog and Pony...
Dog & Pony creator Star Lee has been involved in the fashion industry in varying capacities for the past 7 years.

After attending Istututo Marangoni in Milan, Italy (where her first job was at the Alexander McQueen showroom), she moved to NYC where she worked for 4 years as an Account Executive casting for NY Fashion Week with Trew Productions. She has also done model casting for the Sex & the City film and has dabbled in styling for editorial work. In her free time, she worked on test shoots for Supreme Models, and has spoken at FIT's Continuing Education Program about the casting industry.

She has also worked at Alexander Wang corporate where she first developed the internship program, then as Sales Coordinator working with clients such as Barneys NY, Opening Ceremony, and Net-a-Porter.

With Dog & Pony as her new project, Star hopes to offer Austin a perspective on fashion born from her many adventures in the land of clothing.

From the heart of the fashion, Milan to across the world in Texas, Star is enjoying her new life Austin... and we're glad she took the plunge.

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Images via Dog & Pony
Be sure to drop by and shop the full lamixx 2011 Adore at Sunrise Collection


Spotted on The Day Book ...


Sydney of The Daybook was spotted today wearing the Lamixx Maxi Dress . Looking ultra stylish mixing it with the jacket and beanie. Brown, black and grey never looked so good together!


Valentine’s Trunk Show at The Common, San Francisco

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Celebrate love, fashion and the love of fashion with special V-day sales on BB Dakota, Dolce Vita, Lamixx, Cheap Monday and more!

Thursday, February 10th 6:00-7:30p

complimentary cocktails served

at The Common 1077 Mission at 7th

The color pink

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Super cute shoes and shoot by Jeffery Campbell...
Location. NYC

Valentines day for him....

The ultimate gift guide for that special boy in your life...the one that makes you feel like your the only girl in the world.. the one that would be there for you in a heartbeat.

Just a few of my favorite picks while looking through hypebeast.com

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Country Ranger is now available from Inventory, priced at $395.
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kenton sorenson USA iPad and iPhone 4 Cases

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ACNE x THIERRY LASRY “Helvin” Sunglasses


Morning Beauty

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Sophie Vlaming photographed by Thiemo Sander and styled by Florence Reveillaud

Great imagery and lighting


street style is all around us..

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Cute head band + classic oxfords
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Great smile + wedges
(images satorilist, modelsoffduty)

Be inspired.... inspire others...

Have an amazing weekend!


Have a good hair day

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Good hair day makes a girl feel just a little better. Hope your having a great day :)