More then a picture...

Picture Me Trailer from Blake on Vimeo.

Everyone knows the fashion world can be very harsh in reality but thanks to model Sara Ziff and Ole Schell you can see the raw footage of the fashion modeling world from the eyes of Sara Ziff over the past 5 years. The film is called Picture Me.

The film considers the ever increasing demand for adolescent models, the pressure to stay thin, sexual harassment and drug use. This intimate account features in-depth interviews with noted photographers and designers, and showcases personal footage shot by the models themselves, giving voice to those who are often seen, but rarely heard.
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I saw this post on 80s Purple blog and I thought this movie looks really intriguing. We always get to see the glamor of models, but this light shines another look into the fashion lifestyle and reality for some. I will definitely be checking this out soon....


Styling down to the T...

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Images via netvivi.cc

Styling is such an important part of the fashion world, I love checking out Vivi Mag since they have sytlying down.. each outfit is adorable and has it's own statement.

This fall's fashion tip
Layering and long sleeves are a must!


Calm, cool and collective.

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Loved this shoot/photography by ssense

It reminds me that when one trial ends another begins... so 3 tips this Monday... Stay Cool when life gets hot and you feel like your falling in a hole, keep your cool. Stay calm, worrying never adds another minute to our lives and stay Collective, keep your self together. We all have our moments but it's how we choose to go through life that makes the journey extraordinary, wishing you a extra-ordinary week!

Save the date: Lamixx on the Runway 10.22.10

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Lamixx will be apart of the Project ethos fashion show for LA fashion week!
Buyers, Press, supporters please save the date!

Buyers and Press are welcomed! Please email prlamixx@gmail.com for VIP entry

Friends & supporters, email prlamixx@gmail.com for Pre-sale tickets $20

Thank you & we can't wait to see you at this exciting event!

Updated info at http://www.facebook.com/lamixxclothing


Street style + inner beauty tips

I am always inspired by street fashion. The way people choose to present themselves to the world in there clothes and styling.

If we spent as much time working on our outer appearance as we do our inner beauty the world would be an even more beautiful place.
A few tips I try to do to work on the inner beauty:
1. Relax and meditate
2. Do something nice for someone else
3. Read an inspirational book

Here's a few note worthy photos from stockholmStreetStyle

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In Los Angeles on 09-25-2010


LOCATION: BARDOT 1735 Vine St. Hollywood 90028


*Height 5’8-6'0. Measurement without heels.
*Figure: slim to average build

*Height 5'11-6'2.
*Figure: slim to average build

*Bring your Personality and Individuality.
We are a team of people who thrive on great energy so get ready to have fun.

*Must be available October 15th for show and possibly 1 extra date for a fitting with designer.

Project Rate TFP

Digital photos from RunwayIcon.com on and off the runway. Build your book with a top industry photographer and walk the runway in front of 2,000 guests, press and industry VIPs

If you are itnerested in modeling for the lamixx runway please email prlamixx@gmail.com and let me know your coming so I can give you special attention! Thanks so much!!!


Don't worry be happy

"Every life has some trouble, when you worry you make it double....don't worry be happy"
- Bobby Mcferrin

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via fall issue of Dress to Kill Magazine.


"Generosity is one of the most attractive traits a person can have"


Labor Day Sale at 80spurple

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Huge sale going on at 80spurple + 20% off for Labor day!
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Wishing everyone a Happy Labor day! -