Polyvore favorites this week..

Seed People's Market...

There are so many reason's why I love this Market. To name a few.... Seed carries products with a purpose, Seed supports independent fashion, and they are located at one of the best spots to be in Orange County, CA... The camp in Costa Mesa.
The camp has great shops, delicious organic friendly food, and definitely a fun place to be. A hidden treasure in the midst of the Orange County rush...

Lamixx is also now available at Seed Peoples market in Costa Mesa, CA

Via Seed camp
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Great imagery and lighting for this shoot...
via images FashionGoneRogue


Summer arrives in a timely fashion...

The colors of the Season... white ... and nautical stripes! As we make way for the first few days of a summer be sure to pick up your nautical duo tank top and oversize muscle tee. Both look picture perfect with mini shorts or your harem pants you can't give up.

Pick it up first at 80s Purple

Images via
80s Purple photography


Street Style: just be you

A few of my favorite picks from street style this week...

Just be you...
Sometimes we forget to love ourselves and spend countless hours trying to look or act like someone else. So don't try to be someone your not .. Be you and be the best version of you possible, after that see where life takes you ..... Have a lovely weekend!

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via. elle.com


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Trend Alert: loving socks with sandals!

If you're like me your mom dressed you with pretty socks and dress shoes when you were young.. fast forward 15 years and here we go again... and I have to say I'm loving it. Not an easy style to pull off but very do-able. The great thing is we don't have to buy anything extra, we all have socks right?
Check out Kate Moss and her socks with sandals.....

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Socks featured in the spring/summer 2010 collections of Christian Dior (left) and Marni. Centre: Alexa Chung, as always, gets it right Photo: AFP/ REX

Try it? or let it pass?


Un-retouched photos of Los Angeles blogger..

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Loved these un-retouched photos of Los Angeles blogger/model Zoe Deluge
If you didn't know most all photos in magazines, online etc.. are retouched/edited but not these. She's also wearing the lamixx Oversized top. Love the hair movement and colors of this shoot, picture perfect

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Photography/model: Anthony and Zoe Deluge
Style lamixx Oversized top


“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”

Hot mover

Labeled a hot mover at Moxsie this dress is an chic classic. Dress it up with accessories or wear it as is for a simple yet eye catching look. Available in black, ivory and charcoal grey this dress is a must for Summer 2010 and every summer after... In stock now at Moxsie your one stop for indie fashion.

Shop Moxsie


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simply gorgeous...
I love this quilt cover.. definitely on my wish list..

via anthro Bedding


Every day wear inspires...

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Every day wear... the best time to dress your best.
Our lives are made up of the day to day, so remember to smile and put your best foot forward...

image via altamira


lamixx 2010 available at Covet Boutique

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If your in the Arlington VA area be sure to drop by Covet Boutque
A full range of clothing, art, furniture and accessories... a one stop fashion forward shop.
Arlington, VA, 22205
Wed - Sat:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Win and shop

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Simple as 1,2,3

Enter for a chance Win a $50 Gift Card from Threadsence.com!! ENDS June 11, 2010

Multiple Ways to Enter:

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Win and then shop Threadsence
Life is too short...
tomorrow is not promised..
love more...
be joyful...
live in the moment...

inspiration photos, one of my favorite places to visit....

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"Our Joy does not have to be based on our circumstances"

-Joyce Meyer


Alina Simone wearing lamixx...

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Twenty-Five Russians at PravdaFrom left to right: Alexandra Lerman, artist and filmmaker; Vas Sloutchevsky, multimedia designer; Alina Simone, singer and writer; Mark Krotov, editorial assistant; Irina Aleksander, reporter; Jenia Fridlyand, photographer; Gary Shteyngart, novelist; Alina Bliumis, artist; Anya Ulinich, novelist; Dmitriy Rozin, film editor; Alexander Nazaryan, professor; Veronika Georgieva, artist; Olga Breydo, educator; Stepan Pachikov, software developer; Maria Genkin, educator; Oksana Salamatina, gallery owner; Lara Vapnyar, novelist; Darya Zhuk, film producer; Nina Khrushcheva, professor; Bela Shayevich, Snob staff; Marina Flindell Levin, educator; Sonya Bekkerman, Russian-art expert; Tusha Yakovleva, Snob staff; Anna Komar, Snob staff; Marina Kvitko Cherner, educator
Photograph by Julian Dufort

Alina Simone, Jazz Singer and song writer wearing lamixx off the shoulder dress in black, and wearing it very well! This photo is from http://nymag.com

Clothing & Canada

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Designer behind Canadian Clothing Dace had an interview.. I read it and found many similarities in the struggles and processes... enjoy...

check it out... via Dace’s Fall 2009

Killahbeez: How did you get into fashion?

Dace Moore: My mom used to sew clothes for us which I actually hated because back then I liked the name brand clothes. Then I took sewing in school and when I had a daughter I bought my first sewing machine and started sewing at home. I would buy vintage patterns, make things, and then sell them at consignment stores. Before I went to design school I sold pieces at two or three different studios in Gastown and I had also put on fashion shows. When I was about 25 I went to design school.

KB: What made you want to go to design school?

DM: I wanted to learn pattern drafting. I was always into art and drawing so manipulating patterns was fairly easy for me but I wanted to learn how to do it properly. My main goal was just to do pattern drafting. I had taken a tailoring course as well. When I went to go talk to the school, because I had already been doing so much, they gave me a scholarship so I took the whole course instead of doing just pattern drafting.

KB: The fashion world is known for being hard to survive in, have you ever wanted to throw the towel in and doing something else?

DM: Yes. I don’t know what I’d do but there are times, definitely. I find that when it’s harder I usually just work harder. I think to myself, “I have to get through this”.

KB: Yeah you can’t just sit and wait for the storm to pass, you have to adapt yourself to the situation.

DM: Yeah exactly!

KB: What would you say is the hardest part of working in fashion?

DM: A lot of the business side of things. The cash flow and budgeting, that side is the hardest for me. Starting new seasons is always hard to do because you just worked so hard on one season and just the thought of having to start another one is probably one of the hardest parts of designing a collection.

KB: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

DM: There’s been a lot! In the beginning more of the production stuff and patterns. It was good making mistakes at that level, in the first year or two. We never had investors or a lot of money so we grew very slowly which was good for us because it gave us time to make and learn from those mistakes.

KB: Had you not pursued fashion, what do you think you’d be doing?

DM: Before I got into fashion I wanted to go into social work. I wanted to work with people. I grew up with an alcoholic father so I always felt the need to help people, like counselling. So many people told me not to do it because it was such a hard job on an emotional level.

KB: Do you see yourself sticking to fashion or expanding to other collections, accessories, etc?

DM: Yes! I like making all sorts of things. I’m working on this crazy quilt from all my old fabrics and it’s been almost a two year process because there’s over 7000 pieces.

We also started making duvets and pillow cases with extra fabric and we sell them on our website. They’re sold out right now but we’ll be making another batch and hopefully they’ll be up in the next month or so.

We also make things, out of leftover fabrics as well, for our customers who order online. We make scarves, handkerchiefs, and little bags that hold their orders.

KB: What’s the creative process like for you guys?

DM: The hardest part is starting the new collection. I go into it not knowing what I want to do and I just start ordering fabrics and then it comes together.

KB: So what can people expect from your Fall 2009 line?

DM: It was shot in Southlands. It has a very equestrian feel to it. The collection is much more fitted and has a lot of silks; it’s a little more dressy than the season before. It kind of has the 1930’s equestrian look and feel.

KB: What do you think the biggest trends will be this fall?

DM: I think more separates like blouses tucked into pants or skirts, etc.

KB: Is there a trend that makes you cringe?

DM: Hmmm….I guess still the UGG boot thing. I’m always surprised when I still see people wearing them. That’s all I can think of that irks me right now.

KB: It seems like people either love UGGs or hate them. No one’s indifferent about UGG boots!

DM: I mean I can understand if you’re wearing them up in the snow but with short shorts and a tank top? I don’t get it.

KB: Are you working on Winter 2010 or Spring 2010 right now? And what can people expect?

DM: Spring 2010. The fabrics are probably one of my favourites ever. It’s very light and airy. All of the fabrics have a vintage feel to them. Lots of creams and we even got a special print made in Italy. It’s definitely my favourite collection so far.

KB: Is there anyone, a celebrity or any other famous person, that inspires you or that you’d like to work with or have as a muse?

DM: Our newest photo shoot is a bit of a tribute to the French Francoise Hardy from the 1960’s to 70’s. She was an everyday girl with such great style.

KB: Do you draw inspiration from other eras?

DM: Yeah we did a collection two years ago that was very Victorian. We go through different periods and they definitely have a huge influence.

KB: Do you have any other inspirations?

DM: Mostly fabric and I love people watching when I’m away traveling. I love watching how people wear things differently. It all of a sudden triggers things and you think, wow that looks cool.