Meet the model, more then just a face...

Meet the Lamixx twenty ten model
It's never easy picking a model to represent a collection. After countless hours of searching through photos we were happy to choose Johanna. She's beautiful, talented, and smart. We had a chance to do a Q&A so you can get to know a little more about her then just the photos, hope you enjoy...

Name: Johanna Williams

Location: Los Angeles

Nationality: I’m quite a mix! I’m African-American, Croatian, Italian, Syrian, Irish, and Cherokee Indian.

Favorite thing about modeling? By far, my favorite thing about modeling is being able to frequently meet and collaborate with such talented and creative individuals. When it comes to photo shoots, I love being a part of a greater project, with everyone working together to create an amazing image. And doing runway allows me to perform. The anticipation that builds up before the start of the show is incomparable.

Least favorite thing about modeling? As a model, there will always be a constant interchange of people in and out of your life. Never working with the same people can make modeling a very lonely experience.

Personal style: Tomboyish with a touch of tongue-in-cheek sex appeal. I love mixing relaxed styles with body-conscious basics. I’m always inspired by the playful roughness of Milanese street style, and I only dress for myself.

Favorite lamixx piece: Lamixx’s grey long-sleeve tunic- so comfortable! And anything I can manage to wear off the shoulders is an automatic staple piece in my wardrobe.

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Favorite food: Pad thai (with extra egg and fried tofu, please). It’s a thai noodle dish and, when paired with a thai iced tea, makes for a perfect comfort food meal. Yum.

Favorite thing to do on your off time: Being that I’m in my last semester of college, I find myself sleeping less and less every night, so napping might just be my favorite activity at the moment. But when I have the chance to go out, attending gallery parties and bootyshaking to solid DJ sets are definitely my favorite pastimes.

Something that inspires you? Love.

Who's your role model? Photographer, Nan Goldin. Her work is incredibly moving and she’s always stayed true to herself as an artist.

Favorite quote or motto: “Amor fati”- Nietzsche

Check back for more of the lamixx twenty ten collection.

Johanna is wearing the lamixx Lace n Love dress in size small

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