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great images love the contrast of the background and clothing. It's series and silly all at the same time.

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M.I.S.S picks....

M.I.S.S. Omni Media Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee's
Picks a
lamixx piece for her guest blog series on Moxsie ...
Check out the rest of her picks on the Moxsie blog and how to style them at

M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls

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Do more than exist...

As I get older I come to realize where true happiness comes from....
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Ready.. Set...Go to the 80s Purple Warehouse Sale

My favorite S A L E of the year!!
The 80s Purple Progressive Warehouse Sale. Below are a few of my favorite picks that are on SALE now!
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Brands above (Hellz, Wesc, Lamixx) on Sale Now at 80s Purple

Breathtaking images...

Loved this editorial....
Great scenery, love the Jazz and mix of art
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April 2010 edition of Vogue España

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Singer & song writer Mari...Hong Kong Concert

Mari in concert wearing lamixx - women's the cut l/s top (black)
Looks great styled with the leopard leggings, nice touch Mari 3.2010
Mari live in HK wearing lamixx - women's the cut l/s top (black)

Mari Iijima is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has released numerous top 10 albums Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner Music Japan. She wrote all of the music for her critically acclaimed debut album "Rosé", which was produced by renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Read more at www.marimusic.com www.facebook.com/mariiijima

trade secrets...

Trade Secrets from the Cosmetic Counter

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Posted Mar 20th 2010 6:21AM

By Jenny Tinsley for AOL Careers

cosmeticsI have worked at a cosmetics counter at Macy's for four years and I have some secrets to share! Use them to be a more savvy shopper on your next trip to the department store.

1. Be wary of the make-up brushes.

Yes, we are supposed to wash and sanitize the make-up brushes daily, but more often than not we don't. I've contracted multiple eye infections from using the brushes at the counter. Opt for the disposable cotton balls and swabs instead, even if they aren't the best tool for applying the product you're interested in.

2. We accept all returns.

The sales associate at the counter may deny this policy because they do not want to take a hit on their commission, however our policy is that we do accept returns within 90 days of purchase with or without a receipt. All you need to do is kindly ask for the manager on duty. Do not feel bad about doing this; it's your right as a consumer.

3. You do not need toner or lip liner.

These are add-on items. They benefit sales associates who work on commission more than they do your skin or make-up routine. People with extremely oily skin can use a toner, but for most customers it's extraneous. As for lip liner, can you really tell the difference if someone is wearing it? Really? Take it from me, save your twenty dollars.

4. Sorry, we tell everyone they look beautiful.

And you very well may be beautiful, but we say it to all of our customers, hoping they will buy everything that we just used on them. Best advice: bring along a friend who is honest and not biased by the promise of a fatter paycheck.

5. Department store vs. drugstore: Which is better?

Drugstore beauty products have come a very long way, but there are still some things that are hands-down better quality at a department store.

Personally, I would buy lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and mascara at the drugstore and save some money. The one thing that I will pay extra money for is higher end foundation. I haven't found a drugstore brand that compares in terms of color match, finished look and how it wears.

With skin care I can go either way. You don't need to pay a fortune but you do need to look for basic ingredients, such as vitamin C, sun protection and an anti-ager.

6. Try before you buy.

Ask for a sample before you invest in the product. We may not always have them, but it's worth asking.

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street cute...

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well done...
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love the slouchiness and belts

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Exclusive Preview..

Here's a sneak peek into our newest collection for lamixx, 2010
Check back soon for the full collection....

Inquires please email
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Shopping and Fashion

sandiego.com | Shopping and Fashion | BOUTIQUING: Luella's Speaks SoCal

San Diego Shopping and Fashion

BOUTIQUING: Luella's Speaks SoCal

This brand-new boutique brightens up Pacific Beach
By Rebekah Sager
Posted on Fri, Mar 12th, 2010
Last updated Fri, Mar 12th, 2010

Luella's seaside fashion.

Photo by Rebekah Sager

Luella’s is a place where SoCal gals will find the best in cottony seaside looks.

This newly opened boutique, hunkered on the cutest section of Turquoise Street in Pacific Beach, feels like a beautiful summer day. The walls and floor are sky blue with white and sand accents. A huge Balinese shell chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and the dressing room curtains, handmade by owner Lori Arnerich, are all soft fluffy frills in a variety of pastels. Luella is light, comfortable, and welcoming.

Arnerich carries a range of clothing—everything from BB Dakota to her mother’s hand-knitted sweaters to the beautiful Balinese line, Indah.

“With Indah, everything’s hand dyed, and they use the softest cottons around,” says Arnerich. Prior to opening the store, the San Diego State University grad worked as a personal trainer and then as a sales rep for Indah. Designed by the mono-monikered Libby, Indah has the philosophy that women should only wear clothes that are stylish and supremely comfortable. Arnerich features a range of dresses in jersey or rayon-crepe fabrics.

Luella, which is named after Arnerich’s grandmother, also carries Lamixx by Jacqueline Rose, a line out of Huntington Beach known for it’s sexy wear-ability. Lamixx is fast becoming the go-to style for everyday tees and skirts.

Arnerich’s real find is the shoe line Lovers and Friends. These trendy Gladiator-style shoe booties are great looking and, at a sturdy heeled $86 a pair, they’re worth every cent.

As with everything in Luella, the accessories are little gems of happiness. Arnerich is devoted to two local jewelry designers—Lush and Mii & Lu. Both are simple, clean, and inexpensive.

Whether you’re into summery dresses, cropped-leather jackets, strappy shoes, or over-sized beach bags, Luella’s is the new boutique by the shore designed to fit the needs of sunny California and the spicy women who live here.

article via sandiego.com | Shopping and Fashion | BOUTIQUING: Luella's Speaks SoCal

polyvore favorites for this week...


smokey eyes to perfection...

If you know me you know I love smokey eyes and nude lips... no one does it as well as Kim Kardashian. This was sent to me and would love to share it....
Okay, this is going to be a long post because I absolutely love makeup! And I mix so many different kinds.
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Here we go...

Just so everyone knows, my make up artist Stephen Moleski has pretty much taught me everything I know.

Remember that everyone's color is different so please ask someone at the store where you purchase your makeup what works for you. Even if you think we have the same skin coloring, our tones can be different and I don't want anyone to waste money on concealer or foundation colors that aren't absolutely perfect!

STEP 1: I always start with a clean face. Then I put on Intuit 'Photo Shoot.' Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. Photo Shoot is a make up primer. I put it on after my moisturizer, which basically is like a moisturizer that will fill the pours on your face which will help set the foundation so it will last longer.

STEP 2: I use Cle De Peau concealer stick (it's super expensive, but works for me). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the two. I also use M.A.C. concealer (which comes in a little pot) if I run out of Cle de Peau. Everyone's color is different but I use NW25. I put the concealer under my eyes because I absolutely hate dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up blemishes!

STEP 3: After I put the concealer on I put on Make Up Forever liquid foundation. I mix one pump of No. 5 and two pumps of No. 4. I also have No. 3 for the winter time when I am really pale. I mix the foundations to get the perfect color. I blend them with the coolest make up brush. Its the M.A.C. brush No. 180.

STEP 4: Since I hate dark circles, after the foundation, I put on a little more concealer just under my eyes since the foundation makes it darker under my eyes. I use a lighter concealer from M.A.C. NW30 in a little lipstick tube-looking container and I select 'moisture cover.'

STEP 5: To set the foundation I lightly brush on with a big powder brush M.A.C. Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC 30, then to make me a little tanner I lightly brush on M.A.C. Powder NW 45.

STEP 6: Now its blush time! I'm obsessed with blush! I use a color called Gingerly to warm me up and give me a little color and then add a pink color called Cheek to give me rosey cheeks. I just started getting into cream blush and find it works a lot better and lasts a lost longer.

STEP 7: Time for the eyes! My favorite part! I first put down a M.A.C. Paint pot in a light color that matches my skin called Painterly. I just use my finder and put enough onto cover the lid. This creamy shadow makes it so that the powder eye shadow does not crease. Like, if you wear make up all day you will see that the eye shadow begins to crease and get oily, but if you put this paint color down first it won't! I love cream shadow and use the color cream pots too! I love colored shadow; so it depends on the color depend of shadow I plan to wear: If it's black smokey I use Carbon by M.A.C.; if its grey smokey I use Knight Divine or Print; if it's bown smokey I use Embark by M.A.C. I love a fresh shimmery look as well and use M.A.C. Pigment called Tan. Its so pretty! I love bright colors for eye make up! I absolutely love Make Up Forever and don't think anyone does pigment colors better than them. So again, depending on what color you feel like wearing, go look at Make Up Forever's colors to choose from.

STEP 8: I always use black pencil eyeliner. My favorite is Stilla black pencil.

STEP 9: Now its mascara time! Putting on mascara completes the look, but I have it when I mess up and get it on my eye lid and mess up the eye shadow. I used to use Lancome Hypnose, and still do, but I recently started to use M.A.C. Zoom mascara -- which is amazing! I take my time and put coat after coat. I love to layer mascaras so I will probably start with the M.A.C. Zoom and then put Lancome Hypnose on top. I always use a seperator brush to seperate my lashes. I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes.

STEP 10: The final touch is putting on lipstick! I usually use M.A.C. Lipliner called Stripdown (I use it very lightly) and a lipstick called Angel and put Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss on top. Or for my very nude matte lip I wear Nars Belle De Jour and I line my lips first with M.A.C. Subculture lipliner.

That completes the Kim Kardashian make up lesson!

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currently reading...

Book: Tuesdays with Morrie

One of my favorite things to do after a long day of work is light a lavender scented candle and pick up a good book and r e a d!
Recommended by a few different friends, I decided to purchase it on Amazon and give it a try.
I'll let you know my final thoughts...
any book recommendations?
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"This life is your canvas ... paint a picture worth remembering"

cute outfit....

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cute military mixed with black chic
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textured fabrics paired with layers ... <3

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Cute Border. clean. pure.

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" We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures"

- Thornton Wilder

From the book One Month To Live by Kerry Shook.


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adorable makeup & hair ...

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