Relax . Classic. Redfined

Slouch top by lamixx
This is my go 2 shirt in my closet. The one I run too when I quickly want to put a cute outfit together. I was really inspired by this style because of the sexiness it gives off with showing such little skin. I love the way it falls off the shoulder and is such a classic comfortable piece to wear. It really accentuates so many different women and gives each women that wears it confidence and a glow.
One of my first ever pieces was an off the shoulder and as I continue to design I find so many ways to make it unique and redefined.

Available now $30


Jordan Clarke said...

I got this in white - LOVE IT!

Lamixx said...

Thank you!
let me know if you are interested in the indie artist post..

Sarah said...

This blouse is fantastic!( the black one)