Meaningful beauty by the supermodel

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love the off the shoulder and diy knot.

The other night was one of those insomniac nights. While flipping through the channels... I came across an infomercial which I never watch but for some reason I could not stop watching the infomercial for Meaningful beauty by cindy crawford. I was holding the phone thinking about calling to make my purchase, but I didn't. I have always loved mrs crawford and she's as beautiful now as she was before and was wondering if anyone knows about this product?
Before I try it has anyone used this product? What do you think about this product?
You can check it out here... http://www.meaningfulbeauty.com/
otherwise check back soon for my review

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Miss Crowland said...

Don't buy it! She's had plastic surgery (plus, she looked like Cindy Crawford to begin with). That infomercial annoys me because they try to fool you into thinking the cream she uses is magical.