beauty from within....

sometimes we can effect people deeper then we think....
love often, beauty from within is priceless....

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unique blends dare to be different...

dare to be different, that's what i thought of while looking at these photos.

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Couture cupcakes....

seriously the best cupcakes I have ever seen....
I don't know whether to eat them or wear them?

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1930's inspiration...

finding inspiration in the sears catalog of the 1930's ...
vintage meets modern.
learn from the past and create my own.

"Fashion of the 1930s was directly influenced by the Wall Street Crash of October 24, 1929 and the subsequent Depression. The Autumn, 1930 Sears Catalogue admonished, "Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past." via fashionera.com

Catwalk or streets of Stockholm....

adorable ...
cute boots to go along with it, I would love a pair! ... Stockholm has lots a fabulous street fashion

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Paris in September

The layout for Sept Vogue Paris includes this gorgeous photo...
breathtaking imagery and a unique blend femme and masculinity pulled together.

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oh so cute......

oh anthropologie I don't know if you can be any cuter....
adorable casquette hat perfect for Autumn days...

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league of her own...

warm up with a blend of fitted leggings and chunky pants for a perfect pair of scrunch leggings.
leggings in stock at 80spurple.com
style with :
ankle boots
chunky heels

As good as it gets

I am really loving the "street scene" via racked.com and I am highly considering bringing a camera when ever I take a stroll around...

any thoughts on street photos?

h&m flawless look

h&m for fall love the chunky sweater, big hair and leggings....

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makeup picks for fall 09

One day I looked over at my friend and all I could notice were her frekishly long lashes, I thought I need what she is wearing.... but if someone knows of something better please tell!...
I love the cat eye look for fall...
& nude lipstick, I use to love lipgloss but I am getting tired of reapplying so I just use lipstick. Make up always adds the finishing touches to any outfit, love love love.

images via sephora.com


Casual contemporary Vogue

kate moss in another light...
beauty ... causual & sexy

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Essential Basics

lamixx essential tee
fold-over pinned sleeves
In stock 80spurple.com

boots and studs

loving these boots...
Another reason I love Fall....

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eye candy for the style hungry

While browsing I found a pretty cool blog..
its different and unique kinds of photos taken by a man with a camera in London. http://facehunter.blogspot.com/

cou·tur·a·ble (kōō-tŏŏr-ə-bəl)

Editor and chief of the well written
young and fabulous blog
wearing lamixx
wool blend low v pocket dress.

Preparing to Launch Lamixx Fall 09...

Getting ready to release fall 09 at select stores
Have a great Fall and stay warm - Love lamixx


Models on a regular day...

I ran across this picture and thought......

1. over the thigh fitted boots : great for Fall or to add sex appeal to any outfit
2. gray skinny jeans : yes yes yes
3. oversized cardigans: my favorite type of cardigan to wear any time of the year


Street Chic

street chic from New York and London

love this Street Chic Daily from elle.com random photos of stylish people.


2009 lamixx Summer Release

cropped short and sweet jersey tee (white)
full length stretch leggings (oatmeal)
lanikai sheer collar cami (white)

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