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"I wake up when my husband gets up to play tennis and my first thought is 'Do I have time for a cappuccino?' I put the dogs out wearing Brooks Brothers men's pyjamas, unironed, with a quilted jacket, and then I enjoy ten minutes of complete calm.

I wake the 15-year-old and give the 10-year-old breakfast on the couch. I go over my schedule for the day - sometimes I have a big event to attend at night. On days like that I think I have a bizarre life - my kids go to a normal school, I go grocery shopping, then I have these crazy high-profile events thrown in, and they don't always go together.

I send the kids off to school and I take the chance to shower and hop into jeans, Uniqlo sweater and a blazer. My hair goes in a ponytail, but I rarely do my make-up at home. I'm not afraid of the plain scrubbed face. Some days I look OK, some I don't - usually because I haven't drunk enough water. Today I apply my staples, which takes five minutes - concealer, mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

I eat five times a day because I read you're supposed to. This morning I had a piece of wholegrain toast with a little goat's cheese.

I work two days a week from my store in New Jersey and three in my New York office, which is about an hour away from my house. I often feel most clear-headed when I'm moving. Travelling is great for me - I wrote all five of my books in the back of a car.

I always have a protein shake at this time. It keeps me energised, especially when I work in the New York office and have meetings all day. I meet for about an hour with each of my teams, including creative, marketing, public relations and product development.

If I have a lunch meeting I'll go somewhere healthy, like Spring Street Natural in Soho, or I'll bring a salad with me from home.

I have a green apple and a piece of dark chocolate, and when I want to shock everyone in the office I'll have a Diet Coke - that's pretty rare though. I realise that I need to recharge, so on the weekends I usually book a massage and plan to connect with a girlfriend and walk for an hour and a half.

I do as much work as I can - interviews, conference calls, or paperwork - in the car on the way home, so when I walk in the door I can focus on family.

My family has tried to organise a system where each person is responsible for a dinner on a different day. It's sometimes challenging, since my husband only eats fish, my kids won't eat fish, and I won't eat white flour. Many nights we just wind up ordering out.

For a real indulgence, I take a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate into my bed. My bedroom is my haven. I have a big, dark walnut Ralph Lauren bed with tables on each side and French doors opening on to the back yard.

I get into bed with a basket of magazines and books and put the TV on, then exhaustion hits me and I instantly fall asleep." - Bobbi Brown

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