Travel for inspiration

Whether it's traveling by car or hoping on a plane, I love to travel.... something about the change of scenery, beautiful landscape, variety of people and of course the food. Travel is something that provides food for inspiration...
When traveling, I know how easy it is to want to pack too much, but I found the best thing to do is pack light! Yes, maybe even in one bag.
The key to packing light & staying stylish is to bring a few of your essential basics and a few accessories to spice up the outfits.

Here's a few key items for my weekend bag.... what are yours?

1. A Classic lamixx V Neck Tee, keep it simple and fresh. $24 at 80spurple.com

2. A good ol' fashion braided belt, easily spice up your v neck tee, or mini dress! $28. at Dillards
3. Of course a good pair of denim will take you a long way while traveling. Slouchy Cigarette jeans J brand at Shopbop.com $251.


Bethany Lunsford said...

I love your stuff. So beautiful and simple and priced fairly. I would love to know about your designer and how you got established. You should blog about that!

Lamixx said...

Thanks Bethany! I will talk take you up on that!